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Pill Glide Swallowing Spray

Pill Glide
Pill Glide is a new solution to a universal problem. Studies show that over 40% of adults have some difficulty swallowing their medicine due to the size, taste, or smell of the tablets and capsules.

Pill Glide helps overcome these hurdles by combining five of FLAVORx’s top flavors (Orange, Strawberry, Grape, Peach and Bubblegum) with a special formulation that allows pills to glide down your throat. Whether you are simply looking for a better way to swallow tablets and capsules, or you cringe at the thought of the never ending task of staying on schedule with your pills, we invite you to try Pill Glide.

Pill Glide is a non-prescription flavored spray designed to help people swallow tablets and capsules easily with no discomfort.
It is a water-based lubricating spray that creates a frictionless barrier between pills and the tongue/throat. This helps prevent the “stuck in the throat” feeling many people experience, and it prevent bad tasting/smelling tablets from contacting the taste buds.
There are no active ingredients in Pill Glide and no numbing sensation on the tongue or throat.
Each 1 ounce bottle contains 200+ sprays, enough for 75 to 100 uses.
Pill Glide is both sugar-free and dye-free.


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