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If you're tired of painful and annoying cracked skin,
try LipoHydroDerm

LipoHydroDerm is a new product used to treat dry, cracked skin. Everyday life takes its toll on our fingers and skin. Dry, cold winters, constant hand washing or working in solvents and chemicals all lead to irritating dry cracked fingers and skin. Developed by a Registered Pharmacist, LipoHydroDerm incorporates a unique dual-phase technology that restores vital oils and water to damaged skin.

LipoHydroDerm was developed for anyone who suffers from the painful condition of dry, cracked fingers, elbows and heels brought on by:

Those who work in the Medical field
Cold dry winters or cold climates
Food services
Hot dry summers or hot climates
Automotive industry
Constant hand washing
Manufacturing fields
Contact with harsh chemicals and detergents
Construction industry
Those with poor circulation to hands and feet
Hobbist who work with their hands

Common medicated hand creams, lotions or ointments merely lubricate dry skin on the surface. LipoHydroDerm consists of an outer oily layer and an inner creamy layer. The oily layer increases absorption and facilitates its penetration into the deeper layers of skin. By softening the dry barrier of dead, dry cracked skin, it carries the creamy layer and the active ingredient, citric acid deep into the skin to hydrate it and promote its healing. With just a small amount applied to damaged skin a few times a day, you will notice a difference in three to four days. After that, a once-a-day application of this safe, fragrance-free cream will keep your skin looking healthy.


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