Hinkle's Health Tips:

Easing Muscle Pain: Epsom-salt baths have long been said to soothe tired, aching muscles and sprains. Inside muscle cells, magnesium sulfate, the main ingredient in Epsom Salts, promotes healthy muscle function and recovery after exercise. But there's little proof that it can be absorbed through the skin. Simply soaking in warm water can increase circulation, which helps speed healing. There's also evidence that moist heat works faster than dry heat, such as a heating pad.

Adult Flu Shots
Adult Flu Shots are available by
walk-in or by appointments!

Complete Drug & Prescription Services
The heart of our business is the professional department, our pharmacy. Remember the times when you could go to your pharmacist for consultation and ask questions about your health or medication and actually be able to talk with him or her face to face? Well, you still can at Hinkle's!

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Our Pharmacists are highly trained professionals that want to help you understand your prescription medications, and any other questions about your health that you may have.

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We utilize a state-of-the-art computer system that checks for any possible drug interactions that may occur with your medications, and also maintains a record of your annual prescription purchases for you to use for insurance or income tax purposes.

Filling your prescription is our most important service!




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Order your refills online!!! Click HERE to order refills

Hinkle's Pharmacy accepts CVS Caremark prescription plans!! So you can use your CVs Caremark card at Hinkle's Pharmacy!!
Hinkle's Pharmacy accepts Express Scripts prescription plans!! So you can use your Express Scripts card at Hinkle's Pharmacy
Hinkle's Pharmacy accepts Tricare prescription plans!! So you can use your Tricare card at Hinkle's Pharmacy

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