Dr. Comfort Diabetic Shoes

Make a New Year's Resolution and enjoy a little slice of Heaven for your feet!IF YOU GOT A PAIR OF DIABETIC SHOES...

Posted by Hinkle's Pharmacy on Sunday, January 3, 2016

Dr. Comfort Diabetic Shoes provide
comfort and safety for the Diabetic Foot!

  • Dr. Comfort shoes are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of foot wellness, especially for people living with diabetes and other health conditions that affect their feet--including swelling, bunions, hammertoes and more.
  • Dr. Comfort is the worldwide leading provider of
    diabetic footwear
  • Dr. Comfort recognizes the need for STYLE, COMFORT and QUALITY in the therapeutic shoe industry
  • Dr. Comfort's selection includes diabetic shoes, prescription and nonprescription inserts, diabetic socks, slippers, sandals and compression hosiery.
  • Dr. Comfort footwear is desirable for anyone in search of the finest quality in a comfort shoe.
  • Dr. Comfort Diabetic Shoes can be billed to Medicare!!

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