Prescription Compounding
A written prescription from a licensed physician (or veterinarian where applicable) is required for all compounded medications.

Hinkle's Pharmacy has the equipment, skills, and training to serve your Prescription Compounding needs.


Compounding Pharmacist Dan Pavelko prepares a unique formula for a patient.

What is Prescription Compounding?

Compounding is the preparation of a customized medication to solve a problem or meet a specific patient need. Compounding pharmacists work together with prescribers and their patients to decide on the most appropriate therapy for each individual. For example, if a person is unable to take medication orally (perhaps due to nausea), we may be able to place the needed medication into a transdermal gel that will allow the medication to be absorbed through the skin. Some individuals are unable to take a commercial product because it contains a dye, sugar, alcohol or lactose. We can solve the problem by compounding a medication without the problem causing additive.
If an elderly patient or a small child needs a reduced strength of medication or is unable to swallow a tablet, we can compound a pleasantly flavored liquid that can be easily administered. Sometimes we can prepare dosage forms containing more than one medication to simplify a confusing schedule and reduce the potential for medication errors. If you have problems giving medicine to your pets, we can help by compounding the drug into a form and flavor that the animal will devour!


  • Preparing medication to meet your individual needs
  • Unique dispensing devices making it easier to administer treatments
  • Serving your family and even your pets!

Do all pharmacies compound?

Compounding requires specialized equipment and bulk chemicals that are not available in most pharmacies. Our compounding pharmacist has received extensive training in modern compounding techniques and regularly attends continuing education seminars. We also have a support network that continually generates new ideas.
By combining the ageless art of compounding with the latest medical knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, we can offer practical solutions for our patients' medical problems.


  • Make medications easier to swallow
  • Make medications better tasting
  • Eliminate dye, sugar, or lactose
  • Make an oral product into a cream or ointment!

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